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Discover the ultimate tool for effortless bonding with our high-performance glue gun! Ideal for DIY projects, crafts, and repairs, our glue gun delivers precise, quick, and reliable adhesive application. Say goodbye to messy glues and hello to hassle-free creativity. Embrace the power of strong bonds with our versatile and user-friendly glue gun today!


Before use, check for damage to the gun’s
casing and fraying to the electrical cord and plug
Make sure the on/off switch is functioning properly.
Always wear protective clothing: overalls or long-sleeve shirts, closed-toe shoes, heat resistant gloves.
and safety glasses or goggles. Keep long hair tied back.
Only run at the recommended temperature. When used
correctly, hot glue shouldn’t be toxic. However, overheating
can cause chemical breakdown in the glue- which can
release toxic or irritant vapors.

Make sure the work area is clean, dry, and clear of flammable
materials and loose cables.
Always use a drip mat. This will help to catch hot glue drips and
prevent damage to underlying surfaces.
Never remove the nozzle when cold
Remove the nozzle while it’s still warm, wearing protective gloves.
it can cause thread damage.
Do not touch the heated nozzle of a hot glue gun, unless you’re
removing it from the applicator. Always wear protective gloves for this.

Never tilt a hot glue gun upwards – or for gluing overhead items.
Never remove a part melted glue slug/stick through the back of the gun
Never leave a hot glue gun unattended, especially while plugged in.
Unplug the glue gun if you’re not going to use it for over 40 minutes.

1. Plug in gun, Load the glue sticks in to the back of the gun
2. Press trigger several times until the glue stick is firmly set into
the intel tube.
3. Allow the glue gun to warm up for approximately 5
4. Squeeze the trigger until glue flows from nozzle.
5. Glue need not be spread. Press the surface
together within 15 seconds. Use of
clamps or other holding devices is not
necessary. Clean surfaces for best
6. Unplug the glue gun when
finished.No clean up
required. Never pull
out the glue stick
out of the back
of the gun.